Rules 📜

The rules of the Cambridge Virtual May Bumps 2020, as agreed by the Cambridge University Virtual Bumps Committee, can be found below.


  1. The races will be run from the 24th to the 27th of June 2020.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The races are open to current students, staff, and alumni of Cambridge University.
  2. Teams will consist of eight "rowers" and one "cox".
    1. Unless entering the mixed category the "rowers" should be a Men's or Women's crew. One Male "cox" may enter with a Women's team, or one Female "cox" with a Men's team.
  3. Teams will be run in three divisions:
    1. Men's and Women's: current students. Teams may be associated with a boat club, but are not required to be (those without a position in current Bumps charts will be given a random starting position at the end of the division).
    2. Alumni/Mixed: Teams including members who are:
      1. Alumni or staff of the University;
      2. Mixed Men and Women ("rowers").
    3. All members of crews entered in the Men's or Women's divisions should be eligible, otherwise the crew should be entered in the Alumni/Mixed division.
  4. There will be no restrictions on the number of substitutions allowed. However, substitutions should be eligible for the division they compete in.


  1. Teams should enter by the deadline advertised. Late entries will only be accepted at the Committee's discretion.
  2. Individuals may compete multiple times:
    1. Individuals may enter themselves in more than one team; however, they should record separate times for each team (see 8.c.iii).
    2. Individuals may run more than once for their team (e.g. if a team has insufficient numbers); however, they should record a new time for each submission (the same time should not be submitted twice).

The Races

  1. A race will be run each day as follows:
    1. The start order will be:
      1. Men's and Women's divisions: Current May Bumps chart > randomised crews (those without a starting position);
      2. Alumni/Mixed division: Randomised Men's crews > randomised Mixed crews > randomised Women's crews.
    2. Every member of a team records their time to run 800m.
      1. A "start cannon" will go at 3pm daily on the Live Event.
      2. However, individuals may run their event at any point in the 24 hours preceding submission (to allow for time differences and convenience).
    3. The individual times are to be submitted by 5pm.
      1. Time submissions are to be made via a form that will be sent to entry contacts.
      2. Teams may change the order in which they submit their runners' times each day to give themselves a tactical advantage.
      3. Each individual time should only be submitted once.
      4. If a team member cannot compete in a race, a substitution may be made, or another team member may run twice (in accordance with 8.c.iii). Any incomplete submissions will be given the time of their crew's average plus 100 seconds.
    4. The times will be run in the Bumps algorithm in the order submitted.
      1. The Bumps simulator will determine when a bump, overbump or other will have taken place.
      2. The initial starting separation between crews will be 44 metres.
    5. The following day's races will continue from the finishing order of the previous day.


  1. A donation page will be set up and live during the four days of Virtual Bumps. Proceeds will be split between charities decided in advance.

Safety and Liability

  1. It is the responsibility of competitors to ensure they comply with relevant COVID restrictions as they participate.
  2. It is the responsibility of competitors to ensure they warm up sufficiently before competing and are wearing the appropriate kit, including running shoes.
  3. The organisers do not accept any fault or liability on behalf of participants.

Questions or suggestions?

All queries should be directed to